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Update 7/13/2009

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It’s been a long time since I last updated this site.  I’ve been wanting to for so long but have just been too busy (or lazy) to do anything.  Anyway since there is so much stuff in my head i’m thinking to just blurt it all out, things that I’ve learned, things I want to change, etc.

Lets start with the title.

Rather than “rumz’s tech notes” i think i want to just maintain this one blog, soooo…. the title must be appropriate. I dont want to just post about tech stuff, so how about “rumz / learn / notes”  ayan!  now i can post about me, learning stuff (not just tech stuff), and any sort of stuffage i want. there are categories and tags anyway so searching should be a cinch…   hmmm lets digress some more…


Ever since I got married I thought that I was learning less… but the opposite was true!  I’ve learned so much (loving it!)  from Jay than i would have learned had i still opted to be single.  Well, the big thing i really learned also is you gotta manage your time!  With work and jay and my personal hobbies all in the way, plus quiet time, i really have to set time aside for everything (not to mention how to manage emotional and lack-of-money stress–  lol another side effect of marriage).  More on that later.

Things I’ve learned and am still learning (and need to learn)!

As usual I am reading lots of books (but not as many as before) and all these things are great but wouldnt it be greater if other people learned from them?  as of a few days/weeks ago I am starting out learning python.  google uses it, so i think i should be learning it.  linux learning has diminished but i want to remedy that.  i need to start learning accounting so i can get my finances in order.  food and diet are extremely important now that im getting much less exercise than before.   manipulating working with people is another essential skill that needs putting on the table since i work with a large team.  photography is an awesome way of expressing oneself and i really like this new hobby.

Beliefs and Spiritual Stuff

Its about time i started posting more about what is really important.  This might look to be a really drastic change in terms of what stuff i used to write about, but its a paradigm shift that is long needed.   i totally believe that our actions now have an impact on us and ourselves, and ultimately, the afterlife.   maybe if i quote the bible on this one i would make more sense

“What good is it for a man to gain the whole world, yet forfeit his soul?”


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July 13, 2009 at 7:41 am

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change is inevitable.

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because i am now hard up on time i dont want to create another blog but will now just put all sorts of things here. it wont really matter because no one reads this blog anyway, lol.

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March 23, 2009 at 2:08 am

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i usually abhor posting lyrics but moymoy palaboy’s render of laklak is teh bomb!!!111

Nagsimula sa patikimtikim
Pinilit kong gustuhin
Bisyo’y nagsimulang lumalim
Kaya ngayon ang hirap tanggalin

Kabilib-bilinan ng lola
?wag nang uminom ng serbesa
Ito’y hindi inuming pang bata
Mag-softdrinks ka na lang muna
Pero ngayon ako?y matanda na
Lola pahingi ng pantoma

Ayan na nga? tumataas na ang amats ko
Kasi laklak maghapon magdamag
(O nako nahihilo na ako)
(O diyos ko? nasusuka na ako)
Kasi laklak maghapon magdamag

Dibale nang hindi kumain
Basta may tomang nakahain
Ang sabi ng lasenggo sa amin
Pare shumat ka muna

Laklak ka nang laklak
Mukha ka nang parak

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March 12, 2009 at 4:49 pm

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remote connection software part 1

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at the office i was introduced to software that would let us manipulate other pcs remotely from gazillions of miles away.


sample logmein – then rdp from that machine

some of the notables are

PCAnywhere – Old Piece of Junk by Symantec that seems to have improved with Ver 12

LogMeIn (Citrix) – Has a Free version that you can try which is very very useful.  Uses your browser, and you have to install it on both pc’s (the pc you want to control and a plugin for any controller pc, unless you want to use java) but the awesome thing is… its browser based and free!paid versions will let you do file transfers and other nice stuff.

Gotomeeting (Citrix) – You can switch your screen or other people’s screens so they can be the presenter.  Setup is easy, go to their site, download the g2m software, log in, tell the other person the meeting id, and they will then login and then supply the meeting id and then voila, you see and are able to control their screen (they just have to click the “give keyboard and mouse option”).   Dont think its free though although there might be  a trial version.  Gotomeeting requires people to be at the remote site because they have to click the “show my screen” option before their screen is displayed.  We use it as a training & troubleshooting tool with multiple people involved.

GotoAssist – Currently undergoing a free beta, upon logging in you can see and control the remote screen right away.  Its faster than gotomeeting but limited to

Radmin – has good control of the frame rate, allowing lower bandwidth and processor usage depending on your needs.

putty – everyone loves putty.  for nix systems only.

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February 10, 2009 at 10:06 pm

jpgs and pngs

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just noticed some things when i was adding a pic to my last post.

* picasa doesnt edit png’s

* png’s are treated differently compared to jpg in wordpress (you see a snapshot of the pic and then you can click it for more detail if its a png, if its a jpg, its just there in whatever size you put it on)

* pngs are large!!   in the previous pic the zoom file was 102kb in jpg format and 1331kb in png format.

——- after 20 minutes of testing ——-

* scratches head, cant seem to replicate how i did the “high contrast post”

* maybe later when i have more time and interest

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January 16, 2009 at 11:15 am

picasa is now good enough to replace acdsee

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see the zoom percentage?

see the zoom percentage?

i used to use acdsee.

when i got a pentax camera acdsee 3.2 was bundled with it.  and oh, the wonders of acdsee.  it was lightning fast, and did batch renaming, and basic stuff like red-eye removal and cropping.  nothing too fancy.

but really, its selling point was its lightning fastness and its very light footprint.

now here comes along picasa v3.  its fast, lightweight, uploads pics, and has a nifty feature where you can use your mouse wheel to increase or decrease a picture’s percentage preview.  very awesome for zooming into that little tiny detail that needed a second look around.

cheers to the google guys again!

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January 5, 2009 at 9:36 am

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vmware oddity

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i wanted to try koha (its a foss library solution), and installing it seems to be a problem, so easy solution is download the virtual appliance.

strange thing, when i run vmware and try to connect to a host, localhost disappears as an option.  ran into this problem before so what i did was

1. create a restore point. (last time vmware screwed up my networking setup)

2. repair vmware via the installer

3. reboot and try again

no luck.  the option to connect to localhost is now available but im getting a weird error message.

Error writing to vmware-authd socket.  error 10013

no more time to troubleshoot now, maybe tomorrow.

found a nice link to create origami envelopes..

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December 10, 2008 at 1:20 pm